See love is to be questioned without a


See love is to be questioned without a doubt. With relationships crammed of lust and family members trusted with the same extent of trust given to a stranger, it is easy to understand why. If love is what has been explained and shown to be on movies and television shows, or what it has been sung about in songs, I personally have NEVER experienced it. Actually, let it come to a disbelief, but neither have any of you.


Love by definition is an intense feeling of deep affection – that we have all felt for at least one person in our 24 hour filled days.


Love is unexplainable, simply because we each experience and feel it differently = my explanation at the very least, based on my mere 19 years of living (laugh now)


Blogging, however allows me to put my thoughts on paper to later analyze them. The Internet version of a diary with insights from strangers, the exact reason I kept away from diaries à INSIGHT… leaving the question as why do it. A question I have no answer to.


Love being the same way, why I continue to love so deeply and hard for others although I rather not.. why I continue to do it? A question I have no answer to.


Love for my family – given

Love for my friends questionable .

Love for him – infinity.